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Catch the Science Bug

Comments from Educators

"I thought you were excellent.  Our kids loved it."
Wiet Bacheller, Third Grade Teacher, Tisbury Elementary, Tisbury, MA

"I really liked it.  It was informative. There were many different activities that connected to the video."
Maria Burgess, Second Grade Teacher, Mayo School, Holden, MA

"Thank you for the terrific programs you presented on Tuesday. Children and adults enjoyed you and the drilling was fantastic. Rebecca and I both loved your presentation and I know the children were excited about their maps."
Debbie Foley, Children’s Librarian, Newton Free Library

"It was great.  Good hands-on.  Good audience participation. Engaging."
Bonnie Campbell, Third Grade Teacher, Mayo School Holden, MA

The preschoolers had a blast.  It (the program) kept them engaged the entire time."
Jeanine Williamson, Pre-School Teacher Round Hill Nursery School

"Good connection to students' understanding. Great multi-media presentation! The hands-on activities were excellent!"
Nancy Farrell, Third Grade Teacher, Mayo School, Holden, MA

"It [a day of Catch the Science Bug programs and an assembly] was really very well received by everyone here."
Edward Jerome, Principal, Edgartown Elementary, Edgartown, MA

"I found if wonderful - easy to understand, interesting, to the point and at a good level for grade school children."
Nancy Bell, President of Science First, Buffalo, NY

"The Science Bug is a wonderful supplement to any science program.  Kim does a wonderful job of increasing the students‘ enthusiasm about science while taking the content one step further."
C. Owens, Science Teacher, Fay School, Southborough, MA

"I was watching all the kids and they loved it."
Lee Ingresol, Cub Scout Pack  Leader

"To do what Kim has done would take me weeks to plan."
K. Shea, First Grade Teacher, Spring Street School

"I thought you did an excellent job with the girls (Girl Scout Group)!"
Dr. Margret Klein, Program Director, National Science Foundation

"Thank you for another fantastic program. You truly are a talented presenter and our children benefited so much."
Laura Hamel, PTO, Major Edwards Elementary School, West Boylston, MA

"Very nice job last week. Our third grade teachers want you back."
Jayne Wilikin, Principal, Walter J. Paton School

"Fabutastic!! Thank you Kim the 5th Grade teachers are still talking about how awesome that program was."
Gloriann Switzer, PTA, Mayo School, Holden, MA

Comments from Students

"Thank you for coming to my school.  I loved your performance." 
Seri Fouch, Fourth Grade Student

"That presentation was one of the best I ever saw in my awesome life.  Thanks to you."
Oswaldo, Third Grade Student

"You were awesome. And I love your car, it's cool! And the game and video were awesome."
Christina L., Third Grade Student

"I want to say that the movie was great." 
Ashley, Third Grade Student

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